Wednesday, October 28, 2020


- Nighat Gandhi

If women’s rights are human rights, it stands to reason that a feminist city is a humanist city.

                                     Urban anthropologist, Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman

Does your city have a gender?

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Health Crisis in India during COVID-19 Pandemic: Indicator of Failing Neo-liberal Capitalism

- Narender & Vaishali

David Harvey, a Marxist, has rightly argued that in neo-liberal capitalism, the private sector including multinational companies are not interested to deal with global public health crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic but the private hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to have more capital accumulation by undertaking more business from public health and maximize their profits by any means. As he stated:

 Corporatist Big Pharma (Multinational Company) has little or no interest in non-remunerative research on infectious diseases (such as the whole class of coronaviruses that have been well-known since the 1960s). Big Pharma rarely invests in prevention. It has little interest in investing in preparedness for a public health crisis. It loves to design cures. The sicker we are, the more they earn. Prevention does not contribute to shareholder value. The business model applied to public health provision eliminated the surplus coping capacities that would be required in an emergency. Prevention was not even an enticing enough field of work to warrant public-private partnerships. President Trump had cut the budget of the Center for Disease Control and disbanded the working group on pandemics in the National Security Council in the same spirit as he cut all research funding, including on climate change. If I wanted to be anthropomorphic and metaphorical about this, I would conclude that Covid-19 is nature’s revenge for over forty years of nature’s gross and abusive mistreatment at the hands of a violent and unregulated neoliberal extractivism(Harvey, 2020)

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