Tuesday, March 5, 2019

'All Is Fair in Love and War' : A Masculine Idea

- Dr Nidhi Mishra

Why are all wars essentially the culmination of toxic masculinity and how deep the misogyny is steeped within war lusty & blood lusty men is perfectly reflected in these "jokes" & "memes" ,of course shared ONLY by men (including the sharing of a tweet by a misogynist female by a male). In a group having both male and female members. This is how men dominate the public discourse. This is how men dominate public space,online or off line. This is how men set the agenda for any group or community. The women either squirmimg silently or joining the bro culture so as not to feel left out and/or be percieved as "unsporting".

The "jokes" (copy & paste)for you :-

Couldn't stop.laughing on this creativity.... 🤣🤣

Indian plane
Sex : M
Age : 21

Pak plane
Sex : F
Age : 16..

 Rest is history.

(And then the you wonder why "modern" women call the world culture as rape culture? Or why feminists are often angry women)

Yet another one :-

Modi & Trump were sitting in a bar, drinking & discussing.🍺🥃

A guy comes up to them and inquires about what they were discussing???🤔🤔

Modi: We are planning to kill 140 million Pakistanis & Sunny Leone!!!💥💥

Guy: Why Sunny Leone??🤔🤔

Modi turns to Trump and says: “See I told you nobody cares about 140 million Pakistanis!!”

And for men, any competition is war. I  can never forget the nasty, misogynist comments and jokes that go around every time India beat Pakistan spectacularly in cricket. One such message,which dampned all our joy of winning  against Pakistan  by 6 wickets on 1st March 2003 in the World Cup(The Cup was lifted by Austrslia though) went like this :

"वसीम की, ना इमरान की,आज बहन चु** पूरे पाकिस्तान की"

This SMS (no smartphone back then, no social media..FB/WhatsApp) kept pouring into my partner's inbox from male friends from all walks of life.

I am sure that my sisters in Pakistan face the same kind of misogyny from the Pakistani men.

This is merely the tip.of the iceberg which comprises of jokes on rape in general, jokes about men(from other countries,religions) & their virility, jokes about exchanging female actors, female artists, female politicians from the other country (Eg Pakistan) in lieu of Mayawati,Jayalalita or Mamta Banerjee, anologies like "presstitutes" " vidhwa vilaap", "randi-rona", "rajnaitik rakhail"

Not to forget the most explicit  "jok"e of recent times, valorising the 56 inches chest of you-know-who vis a vis  two 28 inches breasts of you know who.

The  quasi historical self immolating Padmavatis,comfort women of Japan,
 the Vietnamese women raped by American soldiers ,the raped men of Abu Gharib, the  the raped Kashmiri Pandit women fleeing from Kashmir, the rape victims of Kunan Poshpora,women raped in 1984 anti Sikh riots, women raped in 2002 Gujarat communal  riots, women raped in Muzzafarnagar communal riots 2013,raped in Bangladesh war, women raped in NE under guise of AFSPA, women of Khairlanji, the multiple  rapes of Phoolan & Soni Sori..............this endless list is a testimony to the fact that "All is fair in love & war" is certainly a masculine idea.


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