Saturday, October 4, 2014

Moving beyond Uniform Civil Code: A new approach in new millennium

Stree Mukti Sangthan organized its 15th workshop in Allahabad from 2nd October to 4th October, 2014. This year our open session was on “Moving beyond Uniform Civil Code: A new approach in new millennium” in Hindustani Academy, Allahabad on 2nd October. The speakers were Flavia Agnes, legal scholar and activist, Prof. Anupama Roy, JNU, Dr. Sudha Vasan, Prof. Sociology, DU and Anjali Sinha, stree mukti sangthan. 

speakers talked about the context of the uniform civil code and unfolded the debate in the historical context. whenever discussion takes place on uniform civil code, it is posed in front of us as against the muslim religion stating that hindism is a progressive religion and the women in other religions are oppressed. The women in other religion should get the benefit which hindu women are getting. Flavia Agnes gave an example that three things which Hindu Marriage Act gave to hindu women (right to divorce, right to property, adoption etc.) were already given to muslim women by their religion. that is why there is a need to be careful about the starting point of uniform civil code. There are problems with all the religion and their personal laws. 

State always takes the help of law to control and majority always has a dominating role in making the law. The foundation of the uniform civil code should be based on constitution and not on the religion. individuals rights should be given priority over the community rights.we should demand for justice whenever we talk about equality.


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