Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Statement Against the Abduction, Rape and Killing of Two Sister's in Badayun, UP

Stree Mukti Sangathan strongly condemns the heinous crime perpetrated on two young women who were sisters from a Dalit family in Badayun, U.P. Once again two young lives have been sniffed out after being subjected to rape and brutal violence. The State and the government bear the principal responsibility but the story does not end there. The roots of such violence and brutality lie deep in our culture and social structure. We as Indians must hang our heads in shame that such incidents continue to happen in our land. But, more than that, we must resolve to fight for justice for the victims and punish the perpetrators of the crime. We must resolve to fight the longer fight to rid our society from violence against women and intensify our struggle for liberty and freedom.


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